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Raleigh Breweries: Explore The Raleigh Brewery Scene

There are over 25 breweries in Raleigh alone, giving residents and visitors a craft beer experience like no other. Each one embodies something unique and offers something for every beer lover.

Many of the breweries in the area offer guided tours that allow you to speak to the brewmasters; visitors can learn the differences between beers like porters or doppelbocks. This gives you the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how your beer is made and put a face to who’s making it. These brewers are as excited to share their passion and inspirations as they are for you to taste their beer.

Raleigh breweries have put themselves on the map for being diverse and daring; brewing craft beers that have never been done before. If you didn’t know about the Raleigh brewery scene before, get ready for a hoppin’ good time.

Raleigh Beer Trail

Raleigh Beer Trail

With so many Raleigh breweries it may be difficult to decide where to start. Thankfully Raleigh has taken some of the work out of it by putting together a convenient beer trail for you. To take part in the beer trail you’ll need to print out a Raleigh Beer Trail Passport, which lists every brewery in and around Raleigh.

Once you visit one of the listed breweries, you’ll receive a stamp, even if you don’t purchase anything, and you can collect up to 15 stamps. When you turn in your passport you’re eligible to redeem prizes, from a bottle opener to a t-shirt.

You can participate in the Beer Trail year after year, and it’s strongly encouraged that you visit new breweries each time.

The Raleigh Beer Trail was created by The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau in order to bring more exposure to breweries in the area.

Raleigh Beer Garden

Raleigh Beer Garden
Photo Courtesy to the Raleigh Beer Garden

The Raleigh Beer Garden is currently the world record holder for the world’s largest selection of draft beer, with 366 different beers on tap. Due to their massive ever-changing selection, don’t expect to be handed a beer menu when you visit. However, they offer an up-to-date beer menu on their website and on the Untappd app.

They even offer growlers, if you want to take your favorite new draft beers home. They also have a full menu of cheese boards, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and more.

The Raleigh Beer Garden has a number of seating options including a full service indoor and front porch seating as well as a “seat yourself/order at the bar” style outdoor setting in the back garden as well as the rooftop patio.  

Raleigh Breweries

Raleigh NC Breweries

In Raleigh, you won’t find your regular, run of the mill breweries; Raleigh brewers know something about thinking differently. This beer lovers paradise offers newsworthy breweries that you’ll find nowhere else.

Aviator Brewing Company is a brewery that launched in an airplane hangar—that’s right an airplane hangar. They brew 24 different beers that are distributed throughout NC. They offer brewery tours for the public at the Brewery and their brews may be sampled daily at the Aviator Brewing Tap House. If you want to purchase their beer in bulk, they even sell kegs.

Bombshell Beer Company is North Carolina’s first woman-owned brewery. They offer a variety of Bombshell Beers on tap, food trucks on Thursdays through Saturdays, and live music on the weekends. You can also take a tour of the brewery that’s hosted by the brewmaster himself!

Fainting Goat Brewing Company was a home-brewing hobby that was taken to the next level. It started in a kitchen, then moved to a garage, before eventually becoming what it is today. They produce high-quality handcrafted beer in small batches. Look for limited release beers in addition to their flagships and seasonal selections. ​

Raleigh Brewing Company’s sole mission is to embrace the City of Oaks (a.k.a. Raleigh) with every beer they brew. Their love for their home city can be seen in everything that they do: on their taproom walls, they have murals of the capital city, the names of their beers, and their continuing involvement with local community organizations and nonprofits. Raleigh Brewing has a taproom with 32 RBC taps pouring 7 days a week and has their beer in over 200 locations in the Research Triangle Park area of NC and Wilmington.

Lonerider Brewing Company opened its doors in Raleigh on Jan. 23, 2009 with a beer, Shotgun Betty, and a dream. Fast forward to today and Lonerider was among the top 150 craft breweries in 2013 in the entire U.S. according to the Brewers Association. Lonerider is known for crafting each of its beers with the highest quality ingredients and, as a result, they have a portfolio of award-winning beers. These awards include honors from national contests such as GABF and U.S. Beer Open. Their Tasting Room is open daily and public tours are available every other Saturday.

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